A year of ladybugs

Ladybugs are by far my favorite photograph-bug. They are red, which makes them easy to spot(in nature and on photo’s), the have spots, which makes them cute and they are easy to catch and pose. Sadly, summer is over :(. So I have to wait until march/april to find my precious little ladybugs again…

Where all the roads go down

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3 Responses to A year of ladybugs

  1. You have been a fan of ladybugs for a while I see!

    • Laila says:

      I think it took me roughly four months after purchasing my camera to realize that ladybugs were the perfect macro subject. So that’s about seven years now. I could write posts about why they are brilliant, ohh wait, I have! ;).
      I really appreciate your likes and comments btw :).

      • You are right about them, they have just the right sort of temperament. I’ve always loved ladybugs as a child, but have never photographed them as an adult, which I will rectify, by pestering every ladybug I see from now on, thanks to you! 😛

        The pleasure’s all mine, it is nice to find a cool blogger with relatable interests. You just keep on rocking that D70s! 🙂

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