Unrequited love

If there is one hardship of macro photography, especially with animals, then it surely must be that the insect does not enjoy it as much as you do. They run away, fly away, let themselves drop to the ground, excrete all sorts of smelly substances. start screaming, bite, sting and surely some other unwanted behaviours from the photographer’s point of view. Of course, you can take pictures very early in the morning when insects covered in droplets can’t yet move because it is still too cold. While those pictures can be beautiful, I can’t help but find hem a bit boring. Why? Well, the animals do not seem alive. It could be a dead one for all I know. So usually I hunt after very much alive insects with my camera in the hope than one of the pictures is in focus. This leads to a lot of discarded photos (hurray digital photography) and occasionally some nice pictures. Sometimes, if I am very very lucky, I have a picture of an animal in mid-action of fleeing. And yes, that makes the unrequited love a little easier to cope with. 

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One Response to Unrequited love

  1. Wow that is amazing. Totally worth your perseverance.

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