Missed opportunities

As I have been taking macro pictures for about seven years, I know roughly when I can find certain species and where. This is really useful for when I can’t find a ladybug. I simply pop over to where the grasshopper nymphs are or something along those lines.  Every year I try to improve on the pictures I made before. Having the same insects around makes it easier to see what works and does not work for what type of insect. The downside of having knowledge of the species in my garden is that I know what I miss when I am not at home. This year I was abroad for three months in the spring. There was not really a place close to my digs where I could find anything but ladybugs (it was quite frankly ridicolous how many there were) and honestly, I got a bit bored by my favourite macro subject. I kept thinking about the species (and pictures) I was missing out on. It’s quite pathetic really. Next year, I hope I have a little more variety in my subjects as ladybugs are nice, but diversity is nicer. Long story short, the picture below is a year old.9018413752_abdf810a49_k

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