Unexpected results

There is not as frustrating as an unexpected good result if you do something for the first time, for the simple reason you can hardly ever replicate yourself. You don’t know what you were doing so well when you were doing it, so you can’t do it again. I’ve had this with darts (hit the bulls-eye the first time I ever did it), bow and arrow (similar story) and photography.  Obviously this is not the first photo I ever took (I wish!) or the first ladybug/macro photo with a macrolens (if only), but the picture is a result of just doing random things with a ladybug and a fallen cherry tree leaf (a species with beautiful pink blossom in the spring and orange leaves in fall. Don’t know the name as it is my neighbour’s tree). Later, with the bug long gone, I saw the result and was delighted. This was the kind of picture I wanted to make. Since that moment I have been trying to replicate and improve on the ‘feel’ of the photo, with mostly hilarious results. I have long since stopped being frustrated by my inability to replicate  its most alluring aspects (composition, colours, light). This fall I will try again, and maybe, just maybe I will improve on it. If I do not succeed, I will still have this picture.

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