Truth or fiction?

‘A picture or it did not happen’  has been a well-known phrase for a long time. Recently it has lost quite some value as normal people get better and better at manipulating pictures. some people have become so sceptical that they assume pictures are manipulated if what they see is not what they expected. While I am all for sceptisism (I am studying to be a scientist after all), sometimes it can be a bit too much (and I am not talking about farfetched conspiracy theories). An example is the picture below. It has had some odd comments over the years. Many of the vocal responses I received were compliments about how well I had editted it. ‘Editted?’ was my usual response ‘I have only improved the brightness’. The looks you get after an answer like that are both hilarious and tragic. People did not believe me, even after explaining where I had found these butterflies (the local zoo). At first they thought the upside down buttefly was the mirror image of the one above (they see but they don’t observe) but after my explanation that it wasn’t, they thought I had mixed two pictures together. Well it is nice to know that people hold my editting skills in such high regard, but, on the other hand, they also thought I was lying about not having manipulated it. Even after some more explaining on my part, I still got disbelieving looks.  Apparently such encounters are only supposed to happen to professional photographers. Heavens, what expectations and prejudices do to common sense. Imagine what could happen if it would happen to something more than a picture…

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