Dull and unexciting

The picture below is not my most exciting or my most colourful one, which is why I like it. Many people in my surroundings can’t stand doing nothing, or at least, nothing exciting. They have to go out and do stuff. Of course, I like going out and doing stuff too. On the other hand, I also like sitting at home and read, draw or edit pictures. Granted, these are the days I won’t remember in three weeks time, but there is no need too. In pictures, I find, this works differently. Quiet pictures with dull colours and a composition without excitement leave more of an impression. Whether it is a landscape, a portrait or a macro photo. Somehow they are remembered (take the mona lisa for instance). The same way that people’s favourite songs usually are slow and (seemingly) simple. There is an attraction to the stillness, which makes it all the more strange that in day to day life we are constantly looking for excitement.  

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1 Response to Dull and unexciting

  1. Katrina W says:

    Unexciting maybe. Dull? Not at all. Beautiful image!

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