Blink and it’s gone

One of the downsides of taking pictures of the world below our feet, is that it changes quickly. Light, dew, insects, all can be gone in seconds. I can go on about relative time, but I truly can’t be bothered and it does not matter in the end. Having just a blink to take pictures can result in some pressure and some disappointments. Both are annoying, but both are healthy as well. Who wants everything to be perfect? That will be boring, you’ll never improve your skills. Anyway, the picture below was a bit of a lucky shot. I was somewhere at a time I usually wasn’t and I dropped my pen when I noticed the light and dew on this dandilion. It could almost be the resolution to an episode of a bad crime show. The protagonist finds out what happens because he found the vital clue underneath a cupboard (I am not making this up, this actually happened in some crime show). But back on topic, I noticed the light and grabbed my camera to take pictures. I think within a minute the moment was gone. Luckily, this time I managed to get the droplets in focus. Let’s not talk about the times it did not work out ;). 

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One Response to Blink and it’s gone

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Between the time it takes you too get the right angle and wait for the camera to focus the moment’s gone…really tricky, but magnificent if the moment is able to be captured.

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