Doing something unexpected

If there is one way to attract attention, then it is doing something that people don’t expect (It also makes people laugh. Many comedies do this). This can be anything from suddenly start laughing in a packed train (I fairly sure that attracts more attention than stripping in a packed train, though I am not trying it out) to sitting in a bush taking pictures of seemingly nothing. The fun part of being the one doing something unexpected is that people try to avoid disturbing you (which is a really nice thing to do) and failing horribly. Some freeze in position thinking that they are in shot and thus lingering in the corner of your eye (Which is surprisingly distracting. Some deep buried instinct for spotting predators is triggered). Others try to see what I am taking pictures of  without daring to come closer, thus making weird and very cartoonish movements. Most people tend to whisper when they pass me by (movie whispering, anyone and their mum can hear it) and children are generally called back by their parents (only for the kids to stall when they pass me by). Whatever they do, they all explain their actions to their companions when they think they are out of earshot. Usually saying things like ‘I didn’t want to disturb her. She was so focussed’.  They all seem to feel good after their ‘good deed’ of letting someone do what they do, eventhough it is odd. They are proud of their own capacity to reign in their curiosity and the range of their respect for unusual occupations. In my opinion, they truly can be happy with their actions. I think the world would be a better place if we respected all harmless habits, and I am not just talking about the hobby of  ‘taking pictures of seemingly nothing’. 

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