The long way down

Wanting to post a picture everyday, I find myself looking at older photographs. I have been taking pictures for roughly seven years now and if I am honest I do not have the feeling I have progressed in anyway. Well, until I looked at my older stuff and had a bit of a flashback. I remember taking pictures on full automatic (on a camera with a horrible automatic setting) and always putting the subject in the centre. I am not talking about the first few months, I did this for more than 18 months. After that I started to explore settings, compositions and macro photography as a whole (thanks to a friend who was a lot faster on the uptake), which I still do. It’s odd to think I have moved on from that initial stage without realising it, but it’s even weirder to not know where I might go to next. After all, the way down might be long, but who knows how long the way up is? 

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One Response to The long way down

  1. Sheri Elizabeth says:

    Great post and nice macro. I can totally relate to how you feel. That’s one of the reasons I rarely delete photos. It’s always interesting to see how you’ve grown. And I figure I have an entire lifetime to explore settings and techniques which is exciting to me. It’s all about the journey.

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