Red with black spots

I think the ladybug (the red ones) is the only insect that can pull off being the focus point in a picture with white and yellow. Apart from the colour, ladybugs are easy to find (normally, I haven’t found one in over a month!) and compact. I like compact insects. My ancient camera only has 5 focus points (none of them placed at practical or useful places I might add) and when insects are too long, with legs, wings or antennae going endless distances, I can’t take pictures without cutting off some bodyparts (in the picture, not from the actual insect). Ladybugs don’t have that problem. They are like a tiny onion cut in half with legs and some spots. The other thing I love about them is their size. They are small enough to reveal interesting things (eyes, antennae) when magnified, but are big enough for macro photography without a tripod (I hate using tripods).  Have I mentioned I love ladybugs? I thought it might have gone unnoticed…

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