Silver lining

I once did a research project on sand lizards, which was I an absolute nightmare. The worst four months of my life. All because of the immense inferioriry complex of my supervisor. I couldn’t do anything right in his eyes, apart for one thing. I had chosen the right photo. He thought that the picture of a sand lizard on the front of my report was one of the best he had ever seen. He demanded to know where I had found it (also to say I was stupid enough to forget creditting the photographer). Telling him that I was the one who had taken it did not make the whole four months worth while, but it was one of the brief moments of enjoyment. I have never seen anyone back pedal that quickly (suddenly the picture was just ‘okay’ which told me enough about the man himself and the objectivity of his opinions of me). So, thank you photography for bringing a silver lining.  

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