The void

Fall came crashing down yesterday. There is wind, rain, clouds, more wind, thunder and more rain. The beautiful and brightfully coloured woods have made way for greyness. Everything is dull and wet. While I don’t mind the grey so much, it means that the Macro season is coming to an end. I am sure there will be some nice days before winter truly starts, but whether I will be able to take some pictures, I don’t know. The nice days have to be in the weekend and what are the changes of that? With Winter coming, so will the dust that will cover my camera over the coming months. There will be hardly any new photos as my subjects go south or underground. Other subjects will only pop up if there is some frost or snow, again the chances are not very good. It is more likely I will not touch my camera in five months. A well, next spring I will bring many unexpected and expected things to take pictures off. I can live through the void, I have a bunch of drawings to finish…

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