The other ones

This weekend’s newspaper had an item on ladybugs (Hurrah!) and how the different species are disappearing (Boo!). As I am a biologist focussing on ecosystems (with a slight preference for insects if you can imagine that) I already knew this. Exotic ladybugs from Asia are crowding out the local species. Strangely enough I can see this in my pictures. In spring I usually find the ‘seven spotted’ ladybug which is recognisable by its red shield, seven spots, and its black head. In summer time I mostly find a Chinese ladybug which is recognisable by its orange colour, many spots and its white head. If I had to choose a favourite, I would pick the seven spotted one, but I don’t care much. However, I know some people who hate the Asian ladybugs and kill them when they encounter one. I have not seen such usuless acts in a long time.

The little ladybug below has become very rare and nobody cares or notices.  Everyone assumes it will go extinct very soon where I live. I truly hope that nature will surprise us on this one and that it will prevail.

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  1. Very nice image Laila, MM 🍀

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