Strange worlds

The microcosmos is an odd place. It is filled with weird-looking creatures, both insects and plants alike. It is a cruel world. Everywhere lurks danger. Other insects, spiders, birds, poison, plants, parasites everything is out to harm. Everything is bigger and more extreme. Raindrops are a waterfall. Even a light breeze is a hurricane. Gravity, on the other hand, does not really affect them. Insects don’t have a fear of falling. They sometimes drop themselves to escape capture. Moving away from physics, it is an artistically beautiful world too.  There is a lot of diversity in everything. Colour, size, structure, shape all these things and more can vary, sometimes too extreme bodyshapes (not per se in exotic places, take a look at curculionoidae for instance. Some look like the beetle below, some look more extreme). It surprises me that not more (young) photographers explore this strange and beautiful world.  

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