Last ladybug

This is presumably the last ladybug picture of the year for me. It’s roughly a month old now, but I haven’t encountered a (red) ladybug since. And believe me that I have been looking and searching. Thus far there has not been any finding. I doubt there will be this late in the year.  It’s a bit sad that I won’t have an opportunity to take pictures of ladybugs on fallen leaves, but there are worst things in the world. And ladybugs can be replaced as subjects on fallen leaves. Snails is my animal of choice, Why? Because finding those has not been hardship. The snails are everywhere…

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6 Responses to Last ladybug

  1. Your ladybug compositions are great!
    What camera+lens have you used for these?

    • Laila says:

      I use a Nikon D70s for all my pictures. For the macros I use a Tamron 90mm f2.8 which I can highly recommend.

      • Wow, that’s a respectable amount of details with a D70s, considering it has 6 megapixels!

      • Laila says:

        It was a lot of megapixels when I bought it ;). Additionally, I doubt you see the difference between 6 and 12 with the picture displayed at this size. The noise is the real problem with old cameras.

      • Haha, indeed. I’m really glad to see someone who is content with their equipment and just enjoy shooting. The endless upgrades are often jealousy and anxiety inducing. You, Miss Laila, are a lighthouse in the storm! 😛

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