Worst case scenario

Usually I can find some other insect, spider, flower, or other interesting object when ladybugs or other beetles are nowhere to be found. However, with autumn being in full swing not many subjects offer themselves for a nice photography session. As there are backgrounds aplenty (coloured leaves for the win!) I can get quite desperate for a subject. Those backdrops need to be used, as does the gorgeous light. So when all other candidates have deserted me, my worst case¬†scenario is a photo session with a snail. Those are present in the dozens (which is not something to be happy about in almost any way). The reason why snails are my final fallback subject is simple. I am mostly incapable of getting them in focus. They are too fast (yes you can laugh) and my in-camera-terms ancient camera focus motor too slow (I can’t use manual focus as my left hand is holding the leaf). The snail has moved out of shot before my camera even can begin to get it into focus. It’s incredibly silly and frustrating. I have no problem with fast moving beetles, but snails outrun me. The microcosmos is a strange place….

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