The road to freedom

When I first uploaded this picture many years ago on Flickr I immediately added the title ‘ The road to freedom’ and I am clueless as to why to this day. The picture does not contain any of the common symbols associated with freedom. No flying birds, broken bars or tempting light in the darkness. Only a ladybug on a crocus (there they are again!) with a dangling leg. It’s not even a flying ladybug. Still, I am reminded of the title everytime I see the picture. As someone who hardly ever gives titles to pictures, and when I do I forget them within minutes, this is a slightly odd circumstance. Ahh well, maybe that’s exactly what the road to freedom is. An odd circumstance that you remember because for some reason it means something. Who knows.

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3 Responses to The road to freedom

  1. This one is beautiful!
    Seeing things at this magnification really seem to anthropomorphise them, their movements seem much more deliberate and purposeful.

    • Laila says:

      That’s exactly what I like about macro photography! It always helps, in my opinion, to have the eyes of an insect in focus (despite the fact that most people would not recognise them as eyes).

      • Indeed, the compound eyes and pseudo pupils are amongst the most enchanting features about insects.

        The sharp eyes combined with the shallow depth of field make your photos very aesthetically pleasing

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