Going your own way

Often when I read an article or a blog about macro photogaphy I find myself wondering whether I am doing something wrong. Whatever is said about how one should take macro pictures, I do the opposite. The ‘common’ manner to take macro photos is with a tripod, manual focus, f value between 8 and 16, and during early morning/early evening. What do I do? Well I hate tripods so I do not use one, autofocus is my best friend (try to get something into focus manually without a tripod. That is a challenge believe me), my f value is usually below 8, and I prefer to take pictures in the shade (hence the low f). Of course I vary. Every picture is different and should be approached in that manner, but this is my basis. I have tried other ways, but I have always found myself going back to this set-up. There are some downsides of course, mainly that the focus is not brilliant. Some people have serious issues with that, but I do not. Macro photography is not a challenge about who has the best focus in her/his photos.  At least, I do not think so and that brings us back to the ‘common’ way of taking macro pictures as that’s the way to amazing focus macro photography. As I go my own way I end op somewhere else, not the place I want to be necessarily, there is always room for improvement, but I like it anyway. Something I find far more important than following the common way.

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