I will be leaving in the fall

I am truly sure of it now. All the ladybugs have left for the year (despte being sure I won’t mind being proven wrong for once). They have dug themselves in the ground, well hidden under the fallen leaves. It was about 18 C today and sunny and yet there was a severe lack of ladybug (the weight of their absence felt only by me, I am sure). While I was looking but not finding in the garden, I suddenly remembered the picture below. I took it about three years ago and named it ‘above the confusion’ after a lyric from a song I can’t really remember. The title surprised me a bit, as I thought I named it ‘I will be leaving in the fall’ after a lyric of a song I can remember (“The Wild Hunt” by the amazing “The tallest man on earth”). Honestely, I think that title suits it a lot better. The ladybugs probably agree with me, as they have all left :(.

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