I think I have mentioned somewhere before that I use an older camera (the model is 10 years old I think). Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. If you can’t take nice pictures with a cheap or old camera, you surely can’t do it with an expensive one. That being said, there are some down sides to having a camera that has more grey hairs than black ones. Namely, noise. I absolutely hate noise. It’s distracting and ugly. If I slightly increase my ISO the stuff pops up no matter how good the light is. Sometimes it pops up without me even changing the ISO if my camera is having a bad day. With Macro photography I hardly ever encounter noise for some reason (I am very very happy with that). With other types of photography, especially in-doors, it does appear more often than not. Which is a shame when visiting my local zoo where the indoor lighting is limited. Ahh well, grainy monkey is still a monkey.

Maybe I’ll believe it if I keep telling myself that…

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