The other side

Whenever I see this picture (which is quite often as it’s on my bedroom wall) I wonder what this picture would have looked like if I had taken it from the front (so you see the ladybug peeking over the petal). It’s the only picture that causes this response. I don’t think it would have been better if I had taken it from that angle. I would have blocked the light with my head for a start. I also know there were some rather fetching bright yellow crocusses directly next to these white purple-veined ones (aren’t they gorgeous? I love them). In other words, the picture probably wouldn’t have been very good if i had taken it from the front.

So why do I keep wondering about it? Is it because the ladybug is looking in that direction and I am so anthropogenistic (is that how you call it?) that I think it is looking at something interesting? I know there is only a rather ugly trash can there. And yet, maybe everything looks far more interesting from a ladybug’s perspective. The crocus would be a massive structure for a start. Not to mention me. I would be bigger than a jumbo jet in comparison to this little beetle. But I don’t think either of these things when looking at the picture. I just wonder what it would have looked at from another angle. Odd isn’t it?

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One Response to The other side

  1. Tieme says:

    Great to read this picture keeps you thinking. It is not odd, you should use it as input for some other photos! Great picture!

    Kind regards,

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