I’m off too

This is why I usually avoid yellow…

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9 Responses to I’m off too

  1. Ladybugs look kinda steampunk-ish when they have their wings unfolded. Must have taken a lot of practise to get these photos!

    • Laila says:

      I have never associated steampunk with ladybugs, but now you mention it, I think I do too!
      Taking photos of ladybugs flying away mainly takes a lot of patience. They mostly choose the highest spot as their taking-off point. Getting them in focus is really the hardest part.

      • I’ve been using a manual focus lens lately, the focusing ring is simply too fiddly, so started to use the continuous burst + rock gently back and forth technique, not all photos will be in focus, but one or two are usually usable. Have you tried this?

      • Laila says:

        I haven’t tried that knowingly, but I always rock back and forth while taking pictures. Being perfectly still is not something I have mastered yet. That being said, I will probably try the rocking (I can’t stop myself from thinking about loud guitar music when I type that) technique when spring comes.

      • Haha, the rock n’ roll method of macro photography, I’m sure if marketed right, it will take off!
        You have a much healthier imagination than I, when I hear rocking, I automatically imagine someone tied up in a straightjacket, moving rhythmically back and forth inside the soft-padded cells of a mental asylum…

      • Laila says:

        I assume that person is training her/his rocking muscles as practice for macro photography ;)?

        Thanks to your vivid description I have very odd thoughts about the song ‘rocking all over the world’ now. Is it actually about people in an asylum?

      • That is a distinct possibility. Or perhaps, it is the excess of macro photography that had driven them insane… i.e., every rocking psychiatric patient used to be a macro photographer! ….Dun dun duuunn!!

        Quite possible! For all we know, Status Quo were avid photographers 😛

      • Laila says:

        Now I had another thought about it, I think I might avoid the rocking technique….

      • Rock in moderation, I guess that is the key

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