Mystery guest

I have been trying to identify this little fella since I found him yesterday morning. Thus far I have not succeeded. I was hoping anyone of you could help me. The insect was about 1-1.5 cm long. His four (I think, he wasn’t fond of flying) wings were black and  presumebly even sized. Apart from that there isn’t much I can say that isn’t visible on the picture.

UPDTAE: It’s a female Acantholyda erythrocephala, part of the saw fly genus and rather uncommon where I live. Anyway, mystery solved!

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7 Responses to Mystery guest

  1. Great capture. I would guess it’s a member of the long horned beetle family. You can send the photo to bug for more info.

  2. I have had no luck in my book of Eastern North American bottles but there are some long horned leaf beetles.

    • Laila says:

      Thank you for looking! I have to say though, I live in the Netherlands, so I don’t know if this fella will turn up in a book about American beetles. I have checked the local big horn beetles in an insect guide, but they were too much of a beetle to match this red-head. When I continued my quest by using an identification guide, I couldn’t even find a match on the insect genus. That either means I have found something very rare, or, more likely, I am pants at using identification guides.

  3. Ompong says:

    I also wondered what this insect is… It’s head is like that of a cockroach but its body is like that of a fly. Fascinating! And an amazing macro shot!

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