Does it count?

Does it count as a macro shot if I tell you it was taken with a macro lens? I guess not, but one can always hope ;).

Slightly more serious news, I might have partially broken my camera today (It was rainy when I took this pic below). It still takes pictures, but its autofocus can only focus on the most right focus point. I haven’t tried everything to solve this problem yet, but the most obvious ones to solve it have failed… 

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3 Responses to Does it count?

  1. Ompong says:

    It is still a beautiful picture! And don’t worry, your focus point is following the “rule of thirds” by just focusing on the rightmost part. (Just joking to make you smile…)

    By the way, you might need to reinstall your camera’s firmware to fix the autofocus problem… 🙂

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