Bad luck

Yesterday my cat came home with a young bird. I think it was a nightingale. As always, the bird was still alive and apart from some ruffled feathers was physically fine. There was no blood or wounds and all his limbs were in working order. The bird was in shock when I liberated it from my cat’s mouth so I found a nice quiet spot for it to recover. Ten minutes later the bird was dead. Today, I found a fly trapped in an abandoned spider’s web. I liberated it and removed all of the cob webs from it. The fly flew some meters away and found itself a quiet spot to recover. The next time I checked the spot, it was dead. I seem to be having some bad luck with saving animals, but I don’t let it put me off. The same goes for finding ladybugs (or anything that is not a weevil). They keep flying away, but I will keep searching :). For now, though, a flower I found at the zoo.

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3 Responses to Bad luck

  1. Mike says:

    You are hysterical. Nice image too.

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