Many suns

I find the English name for this flower to be a bit bland. Cone flower. Yes it does the decribe the shape of the (older) flowers really well, but still. It’s almost too descriptive. Where is the imagination? It’s like calling a sparrow ‘brown bird’. Yes it’s brown, well spotted. The scientific name (Echinacea purpurea) is a bit better, but still a bit bleh. Purple spikey thing. Congratulations, Mr. Holmes, you’ve correctly observed this plant (maybe Mr. Holmes is a bit out of place. Lestrade, Dr. Watson or Hopkins might have been better, but alas, they are not as well known). In my own tongue the cone flower is known as sunny hat or ‘ hat of the/for the/against the sun’. It’s a bit ambigious, I know. However, it does describe the flower better, in my opinion, as the more descriptive names. The flowers like sunshine and look like hats, why not combine the two?     

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