King frog

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9 Responses to King frog

  1. Tieme says:

    Wonderful photo! Mast have taken you quite some patience! How close were you to the frog?

    Nice detaiks and good composition!

    Kind regards,

    • Laila says:

      Thank you :).
      Well, I’m actually not the most patient of photographers. I don’t have enough patience for a tripod for instance. This probably was taken in thirty seconds. I found the frog, put it where I wanted it, took a view shots, and finally put the frog back where I’d found it. I guess I was about 3o cm (1 feet) away, the lens would’ve been closer. I hope this helps!

      • Tieme says:

        Haha, no time for a tripod, now that indeed is being impatient 😉

        How did you get the frog to stay! He/she must have been jumping around!


      • Laila says:

        I don’t like tripods in general. They’re restrictive and pointless unless the light is really bad. I can’t remember the last time I used one. Anyway, getting a frog to sit still is mostly luck. I keep them in my hand for a bit after I’ve caught them in the hope the dark will calm them down. I don’t know if that actually works. The most important thing is to take pictures quickly so when they hop off you’ve at least got some pictures.
        Heavens, this sounds far more amateuristic than I was imagining 😀

      • Tieme says:

        I love my tripod! As a landscape photographer, the tripod slows me down and helps me to frame and reframe every photo, until I like the composition. And landscape photography is not possible without tripod, as you usually go for a small aperture, plus using filters like a polarizer adds 3 stops of light blocking 🙂

        I guess it depends what type of photography you do 😉

        Well, it sounds good! There are some photographers whom use less animal friendly methods. Haha, but I can imagine you have more patience than said. Calming a frog 🙂

        Happy Monday!


      • Laila says:

        Actually, by-the-book macro photography includes a tripod due to the small aperture. However, in my experience I found that insects (and to some extent flowers) move around a lot be it by legs, wings or the wind. You then have two choices: put your camera on a tripod and wait for the perfect moment, or get rid of the tripod and try to make the best of what your subject is giving you. I choose the latter. It does generally cause pictures to not be as sharp as with a tripod and the lighting can be off too, but I can life with that.

      • Tieme says:

        I guess running after quick bugs is a hassle with a tripod 🙂 A timed shutter could help out here. But that would take some patience 🙂

        If you don’t need to sell your pictures, a bit lack of sharpness is no problem!


  2. laura lecce says:

    Amateur or not, you got a brilliant photo out of it! Love it!

  3. Great photo. While I share your concerns with tripods I do use them. Picking up a frog is another matter.

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