This lovely lizard (I think it’s an anole but I’m not sure) went by unnoticed by everyone but me at the zoo. I guess the people thought I was mad when I took this picture. They only saw a mostly uninteresting bromeliad after all.25400781353_d6ffeb74ca_k

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4 Responses to Invisible

  1. natalyadrian says:

    He is so cute! I love lizards. Best, Nataly

  2. Allison says:

    I love how clear this picture is! Good spotting! 😀

  3. Ines says:

    I guess your eye must be well trained by now to spot small creatures to photograph 😉 Really nice shot!

    • Laila says:

      Thanks! I drive people mad sometimes by spotting an insect on the other end of the garden. They simply see, but do not observe ;).

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