A day in Fall forest

For the first time in a long time I editted a picture. By the clouds that takes a long time. There are so many options! Making my mind up is harder than the actual editting…30595505462_d6364a81df_k

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9 Responses to A day in Fall forest

  1. Pete Hillman says:

    Beautiful and magical!

  2. Notis Stamos says:

    That’s where all of the fun is!

  3. Notis Stamos says:

    And by the way, the photo is great, although I think you don’t need all this black space on the left.

    • Laila says:

      Thanks (for all the comments and the likes too)

      As I said in the post itself, I can be pretty indecisive when it comes to editting, including cropping. You’re right. I coul’ve cut the black of the tree some more. Yet I find I like the bigger trunk (on the actual picture you can see some more details) as it makes the deer look smaller and more innocent. I will keep your advice in mind for future pictures though ;).

      • Notis Stamos says:

        No, no advice, just opinion. I am not qualified to give advice :-). If you can see the trunk details in your computer, then it’s probably much better.

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